Playing Records in the Car

The Record Player in the Car

Recently I asked my mother if she remembered the record player we had under the dash of the family car when I was little. The car was a fifty something model with two tone paint in turquoise and white. The record player hung  from the bottom side of the dash centered above the hump. We would stack 45 RPM records on the center turnstile shaft and they would automatically drop down as each record finished.
Mom did remember this and I was glad. Some people thought I had made it up. Mom said it would skip when we hit bumps too hard on our dirt road. It was one of 3 RCA prototypes at the time and since my dad was a model maker for RCA, we got to try it out. It was taken out of our car when the better model was lost in the mail on its’ way to an electronics show out in Ohio and RCA needed something for the show.

My dad brought other goodies home to try as well. More later.

-Wendy lee, writing at Edgewisewoods, Gardens and Critters

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