Edgewise Wendy

Who is Edgewise Wendy?

Who Is Edgewise Wendy?

When asked in Jeff Goins, Intentional Blog class to make a list of everything I do that makes me who I am, I came up with quite a long list. I am sure I could come up with more. Then I was asked to whiddle it down to three main things.

Whew! That was harder than I expected.


The Three Main Things

I am:
1. A writer
2. A homesteader
3. A Master Naturalist

Which includes everything else I am:

4. A storyteller
5. A traveler
6. A gardener
7. A photographer
8. A horsewoman
9. A hiker
10. A seamstress
11. A potter
12. A bicyclist
13. An egg lady
14. A beekeeper
15. A mosey- er
16. A quick mover
17. A cynic
18. An ex government employee
19. An entrepreneur
20. An artist
21. An organizer of things
22. A fixer of things
23. A grandma, wife, mother, sister and Aunt
24. An outdoors person
25. An ex goat keeper
26. A shed builder
27. A plumber
28. A ditch digger
29. A doer
30. A reader
31. A dog person
32. A lake lover
33. A paddler
34. A swimmer
35. A cross country skier
36. A climber
37. A caver
38. A bird watcher

This exercise  is part of my working to make my blog “intentional” and focused on what really matters to me. Comments are welcome.

The link below takes you to one of my funnier stories.

-Wendy lee,  aka; Edgewise Wendy,

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