How Cold Was It?

You know it’s seriously cold outside when…

  1. You finally get your car started and when you get to work you have to search around to find all of the kitchen and wait staff hiding in the walk in cooler, because it is warmer in there than in the kitchen. All the power is off, the heat is off, the pipes are frozen and nobody is getting breakfast. It was minus 25 degreesF that morning. –Wintergreen Resort, Nelson County, Virginia, 1981
  2. You can’t start your car until you first crawl under it with a torch and heat up the oil pan enough that it can move into the engine. 70’s and 80’s in West Virginia
  3. You can hear trees exploding in the woods. 2018
  4. You would rather give birth to your third child on the floor next to the woodstove rather than leaving that warmth to make your way upstairs to the bedroom. -1984, Freshwater Cove, Va
  5. Your horse has ice whickers just from breathing -2018
  6. The ducks feet have frozen to the ice on the lake. -1960’s on Mimosa Lake, NJ
  7. The eggs in the outside fridge have all frozen solid.- 2018
  8. You have to ride your brakes  across the creek to keep your brakes from freezing up as you drive the Midwives to a birthing and then you have to carry a torch to thaw them out anyway. -1977, Stewarts Run, WV
  9. You have to get dressed standing practically inside the woodstove. -Lots of winters
  10. All your fingers on your right hand freeze to the metal handle on the sliding glass door, after you have just spent an hour trying to fix the hot tub-out there on that deck- on top of that cold mountain -so other people can party after they come in from skiing

-Wendy lee, writing about all these things, at Edgewise Woods, Gardens and Critters


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